Multifactor Authentication, BToE and Teams

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Multifactor Authentication, BToE and Teams

-Phones: Polycom VVX 601 with UCS 5.4 (because it is the only way to get MFA to work)

-Currently using BToE to connect phones to PC. BToE 3.4.2

-Multifactor Authentication is enabled.


Everything is working for us at the moment using Skype for Business. However, we would like to move to Teams. According to my reading of this PDF (https://www.polycom.com/content/dam/polycom/common/documents/faqs/polycom-phones-and-microsoft-teams... ), Polycom supports Multifactor Authentication/Modern Authentication with Teams.


The questions I have are the following:

1. Will Multifactor Authentication/Modern Authentication work with the BToE connector and Teams?

2. What UCS version do we have to use as a minimum to get MFA, BToE and Teams to work?




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Re: Multifactor Authentication, BToE and Teams

The BToE feature for VVX phones only works with the Skype for Business clients, it will not function with the Microsoft Teams clients.  Microsoft has chose a different route for the Better Together path between IP handsets and Teams clients, but has not release details on how it will work.


When this is available it will be included in the native Teams Andriod phone client though, which is not applicable to the VVX platform.  The newly announced Poly CCX phone line will be running this Microsoft client and thus receive whatever Better Together functionality Microsoft releases.

Jeff Schertz - Principal Microsoft Solutions Architect [Blog]

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