Microsoft Teams Call Controls

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Microsoft Teams Call Controls

While Teams is a great platform for a small number of end-points, whenever the number of participants grows, the calls can get unwieldy.  To be clear - this isn't a Polycom issue - but a mastery of Teams issue.  Nonetheless, I'm hoping to find some good suggestions in this forum.


Case in point, we just concluded a internal call with - let's say - 30 participants.  The call was held in a room with a Group Series 500 and we used One Touch Dial via Real Connect to join the call and just turned off the camera to truely make it voice only.  Most of the end users either dialed in on phones or via their PC's with no camera. 


Not realizing that Audio Calls announced the phone number of the participants, we had periods of announcing long phone numbers upon exit and entry of the call.  Lesson learned.  Found out in the Teams/Meetings/Conference Bridge area you can adjust this setting.  Changed it to a tone. 


But still - there was a lot of noise on the call at times. 


Question - even though I was not the originator of the call, I joined the meeting on my laptop while in the room with the Group 500 Series - and muted myself to prevent a feedback storm.  When I looked at the list of users - I had the option to "Mute All" but I was afraid that I would mute the Group Series!  Does anyone know how that works?  Any links to other sites on the fine art of managing Teams calls? 


Or should we use standard audio only conferencing services that are good at one thing:  audio calls?



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