[FAQ] BToE troubleshooting or changing settings for Polycom VVX Business Media Phones

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[FAQ] BToE troubleshooting or changing settings for Polycom VVX Business Media Phones



BToE Discovery is sent from the Phone at an interval of around 3 seconds to the PC connected to the PC Port off the phone to the BToE App running on the PC to discover the connection.




Wireshark filter udp.port == 2081


If you are unable to see the above a >Firewall< on the PC is blocking the BToE Discovery


If you can see the above but BToE does still not offer to pair and prompt the user to enter their credentials on the Skype for Business client then a local policy or as an example, Symantec Endpoint Protection, blocks the communication.


Example BToE Logs:




[11/02/17 : 12:07:20]  PBC: Waiting for IP-Phone Connection(on UDP).....
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Received packet from 12)
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Received packet from 0Xafc9540
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: VVX MAC ID 05:06:00:03:06:E6
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Received VVX Version from IPP is 5.6.0
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Using newXmlFormat
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Received paircode is 0, entered paircode is 0
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Posting WM_DESTROY to all open Dlgs
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Creating an SSH tunnel (process id: 684)
[11/02/17 : 12:07:22]  PBC: Started the TCP Connection....
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC ERR: btoe_network.c: 278 (start_assoc_client) TCP connect failed with error 10061
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC ERR:  ssh_tunnel.c: 219 (checkSSH_get_pc_ip_address) No Routable entry found to VVX. Reconfiguring the SSH
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC ERR: btoe_network.c:2116 (discovery_server) discovery_server:2116 Error 10057
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC ERR: btoe_network.c:2128 (discovery_server) discovery_server:2128 Error 10038
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC: Successfully terminated the SSH client process
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC: discovery_server: 2180 GRUU_SEND_STATUS NOT_SENT
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC: discovery thread exit ..... 
[11/02/17 : 12:07:23]  PBC: Terminating discovery thread




Checking this on the Phone via Menu => Settings > Features > BToE PC Pairing:




PC BToE Application Log Levels:


The BToE application has many additional features documented in the BToE Release notes which allow a user to enable or disable a functionality or enable logging


Open the Windows Registry Editor:


  • For 64bit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Polycom > Polycom BToE Connector.
  • For 32bit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Polycom > Polycom BToE Connector.


As an example:


Parameter Permitted Value Default Description
NOTIFY_MSG_EN 0 or 1 1 Enable or disable notifications on the system tray.


Change Logging Levels:




The Btoe log file is located in its installation folder:


  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Polycom\Polycom BToE Connector
  • C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Polycom\Polycom BToE Connector


And the Filename: polycom_BToE_log.txt


Please change the “LogLevel” registry value to 4 (debug) or 5 (Verbose Debug).



3 LOG_LEVEL Log level (0 – 5) 0 – Any
1 – Err
2 – WRN
3 – Info
4 – DBG
5 – VDBG


Start BToE application after this and provide the logs of this.


Top copy the Logs to the PC's Desktop:


  • copy "%localappdata%\Polycom\Polycom BToE Connector\polycom_BToE_log.txt" "%userprofile%\Desktop\%DATE:/=-%@%TIME::=-%-%username%-polycom_BToE_log.txt"


Phone BToE logging:


  • Settings > Logging > Global Settings > Global Log Level Limit > Debug
  • Settings > Logging > Global Settings > Global Log Level Limit > Log File Size (Kbytes) > VVX prior to 5.5.0 = 180 after 5.5.0 = 1000
  • Settings > Logging > Module Log Level Limits > BToE > Debug
    0730172942|btoe |3|00|ppsProcMsgStopThreads:1864 m_nBtoeState soBtoeMgrStopped
    0730172942|btoe |4|00|stopCall ppsBtoe.hSoCall handle is NULL
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|stopCall Send End Call Request to LC and assign hsoCall handle to NULL
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|PpsBtoeC::handleBtoeStartStopPairing(): m_bEnabled [1], m_ePairingMode:[1] (1-Auto, 2-Manual), bPCPortUP [1]
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|Start Pairing (Auto Mode)
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|startPairing(2117)
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|PC port status is UP. Start BToE manager
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|Starting the ssh sever
    0730172942|btoe |3|00|m_nBtoeState soBtoeMgrDiscovery
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|cBToEAssociation Launched processReceivedRequest
    0730172942|btoe |2|00|cBToEAssociation Launched StartAssociationTask
    0730172942|btoe |3|00|cBtoeAssociation Waiting for connection from PBC​

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