Exchange Status, Corporate Directory, Email/Phone Dialing


Exchange Status, Corporate Directory, Email/Phone Dialing



I have several questions, we're using the VVX's 601 with S4B/Exchange and we're having some stuff that we would like to know.


Phone Model VVX 601        
UC Software Version
Updater Version


1 ) Thanks to the REST API we're able to monitor all the phones and notice if one of them had a disconnection from S4B, the information will be sent to NetCrunch from a Nodejs script. Sometimes we had some random S4B disconnections, but now it's really rare when one occurs. However, from time to time we're getting Exchange Authentification disconnection/errors (we're using BToE, and passwords are the same, so most part of the time things work correctly).


So we were wondering if there is a way to get an information about Exchange status from the phone. I tried to find something in the Rest API docummentation, but didn't find anything about it. The phone state polling doesn't give the information too.


I can get the information with differents ways :


- A script which will do some automation, log in the web interface and do some html scrapping to retrieve the exchange information.


- Use /api/v1/mgmt/uixml to retrieve the information about the interface, then we can search for keywords inside the data for the exchange' alerts. This only works if the alert is shown on the UI of the phone (If there is an exchange error, we can press the calendar icon to get the alert again, doable with "/api/v1/mgmt/simulateTouch"), but this would cause problem is the user is in another page of the phone, it will dangerous to press the location when he is doing something else.


I would like to know what is the best way to check the the exchange status remotely. 



2) Corporate directory, I'm testing on my phone this feature from the Microsoft AD. I made it to work with a root account which will allow me to see every users in the different domains that we have in our forest. From time to time the Corporate directory throws me an error like "Try again" then some hours later it works fine without me doing anything. Is there some know issues for this feature ? It would be cool if use it on every phone, but I would like it to work without issues.


I saw that the order of the data which is displayed after a quick search can't be controlled that much, in example : I would like to display the users in this way -> First name, Last Name, Country then in the user information having the extra attributs like Numbers, Descriptions, Company, etc. The issue I have is that most part of the time, the Number will be displayed even if he is not in the first 3 attributs. So, is there a way to control in a better way the display of the attributs ? and what happens if there are multiple numbers (work, mobile, etc) ?


3) http://<PHONE_IP>/Settings/lyncSignInStatus, I found this while doing some digging in a code source, do we have some documentations where this  was found ? I would like to experiment more with some paths like this one.


4) Last subject. When we add a (not local, lets say a friend from the outside of the company) contact in Outlook with an email and a phone number, this will be synchronized with Skype without issues and appear through the search on the phone, but if we press Dial directly, it will try to dial the email address which will result in the call failing instantly. So, is there a way to force the phone to dial the number instead of the email ?


Or is it possible to make the phone try the email address, it fails, then it tries directly after the number phone ?



Overview of the questions : 


- What is the best way to check the Exchange status remotely ?


- Is there a way to control which attributs will be displayed after a quick search in the Corporate Directory ?


- What happens when the users has multiples number phones in the AD ? I would like to have atleast work phone number and mobile phone in the Corporate Directory.


- Where is the documentation for this : http://<PHONE_IP>/Settings/lyncSignInStatus


- Do we have some kind of priority variable that we can use to force the phone to dial the phone number instead of the email of an external user that has been added from Outlook and gets synchronized in S4B ?


Sorry for the long post.


Thx in advance

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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Exchange Status, Corporate Directory, Email/Phone Dialing

Hello @Senjoo,

welcome to the Polycom Community.


A lot of people unknowingly use our Polycom Phones for Skype for Business but do not have the relevant Polycom per Device license in place.


So the first question would be what is the MAC of the phone you are using.


In addition Polycom does offer professional applications like RealPresence Resource Manager and now offers services like PDMS to monitor an estate.


A personal approach can be using a combination of Phone Logs. REST API and Telephony Event Notification.


The above may not have the same amount of details as Polycom's professional offerings.


In regards to LDAP see:


Jan 30, 2012 Question: Can I use a central Phone book or is LDAP / Corporate Directory supported?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


The above explains in detail what is supported and how to use it and anything else would be a feature request.


In regards of dialing a Email rather than a phone number long pressing on the contact should show the number and dialing it once will remember the choice just like a Skype for Business client. Rebooting the phone will reset this choice.


Anything else would be a feature request.


Regarding any direct URL's on the Phones web interface there is no documentation or support to use these.

Anything else would be a feature request.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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