Disable phone idle lock timeout for specific phones

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Disable phone idle lock timeout for specific phones



We have a mix of VVX 500 and VVX 501s in our environment. They are connecting to a server to pull their config from.


We have a custom.cfg file that dictates the following:

<LockPhone phoneLock.enabled="1" />


Our features.cfg file indicates the following:

<phoneLock phoneLock.browserEnabled="0" phoneLock.dndWhenLocked="0" phoneLock.enabled="0" phoneLock.idleTimeout="0" phoneLock.lockState="0" phoneLock.powerUpUnlocked="0">
<phoneLock.Allow phoneLock.Allow.AnswerOnLock="0">
<phoneLock.authorized phoneLock.authorized.1.description="" phoneLock.authorized.1.value="" phoneLock.authorized.2.description="" phoneLock.authorized.2.value="">


We have override files for several MAC addresses of physical phones, and we are trying to experiment with extending or disabling the phoneLock.idleTimeout on a select few phones via the MAC.cfg override file.


How do I modify the override file to disable the phone from locking out or extending the timeframe in which it locks? It seems to lock within 10 minutes of idleness. 

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Re: Disable phone idle lock timeout for specific phones

Hello @kneves ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

I suggest you look at this post:


Mar 08, 2013 QuestionWhat files does my phone download or upload and why?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


You must never modify an override file as these files are generated either by the change of a setting via the Phone UI or the Web UI.


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


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Re: Disable phone idle lock timeout for specific phones

Thanks for your reply, Steffen


We've been modifying the MAC-phone.cfg files manually, as it seems whenever we make changes to the phone via the UI, they are overwritten when the phone does the automated update with the server every night.


Do you know what might be causing the config that we modify on the phone UI to *not* update on the server's MAC-phone.cfg override file?






Sorry, I may be mistaken, I'm conferring with my team on the above quote - we may've already resolved the issue of the phone's not being able to upload to the server.


Stand by as I test further... 




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Re: Disable phone idle lock timeout for specific phones

Hi Steffen


We've been looking through the phone's UI to see if there's a way to extend the phone idle lock time, as indicated here: https://documents.polycom.com/bundle/trio-ag-5-9-1-AA/page/r-ucs-ag-phone-lock-parameters.html 


In the phoneLock.idleTimeout section, it indicated we can set it to 0 (disable the automatic timeout lock) to 65535 seconds (just over 18 hours) - where would one modify this on the phone? 


Some of our users are annoyed that their phones lock and want to extend this time period.

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Re: Disable phone idle lock timeout for specific phones

Hi kneves,


Given that you've posted this in the Skype for Business forum, I'm assuming these phones are in fact configured to connect to a SfB server. That being the case, it's possible that the lock timeout is being controlled by the SfB server. You can configure it using this PowerShell command:




Note that the maximum timeout you can set on the SfB server is one hour. If you disable the device lock setting in SfB you may be able to configure a longer timeout with the Polycom device settings.


If these phones have a Windows computer connected to the Ethernet jack, you may also be interested in the BToE feature, which allows the phone to be unlocked when the user unlocks their computer: https://documents.polycom.com/bundle/vvx-btoe-ug-5-7/page/c_vvx_userguide_connecting_to_skype_for_bu...

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