CCX500 -Various Issues since latest update - Firmware / Teams 2022041102

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CCX500 -Various Issues since latest update - Firmware / Teams 2022041102

Good afternoon,


I understand that I will need to likely contact my Poly reseller / Microsoft for some of these issues, however I just want to reach out to the community to see if this is common the past few days.


We've seen a significant increase in phone issues after installing Firmware with Teams App 1449/ Both were completed via the Teams Phone Device interface in the admin center. Are there any known issues with these versions? Are they compatible with one another? 


Complaints include;

  1. Calls will not pick up, immediately show call ended but continues ringing other users in queue. Multiple users will have issues picking up said call.
  2. Active call will occasionally go to speakerphone when a call on another phone
  3. Active call will ring in the persons ear as a second call is coming in. 
  4. Outbound calls are not connecting. 

For #2 - we had this issue on a prior release of Teams/Poly Firmware that was resolved, but appears to have returned. 


These issues are unique to the Poly CCX500 phones we are using. Other Teams desk phones in the offices are not exhibiting these issues. 


We believe was more stable for us. Is Teams App 1449/ compatible with this version? Is there a document I can reference for compatibility between Firmware and Teams App versions, as I am starting to distrust the Teams admin interface for device updates. 


Thank you. 

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Re: CCX500 -Various Issues since latest update - Firmware / Teams 2022041102

Hello @jb- ,

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To release this one of us volunteers has to check this as this is an automatic process of the community software used to host this board. There is no need to raise this as abuse as this is a manual job one of the volunteers has to do


For your actual issue, I suggest you contact our Partner Microsoft initially. They can check the logs of their Applications running on our phones. We cannot really compare this with other Manufacturer's phones as there are minor differences in the hardware used. Therefore the Microsoft App may show an issue on one hardware platform and not on another or the other way round.


You can also open a ticket with Poly directly, but our Partner Microsoft will most likely need to get involved.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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Re: CCX500 -Various Issues since latest update - Firmware / Teams 2022041102

You described exactly the same thing we are experiencing... using TAC for latest updates (Firmware with Teams App 1449/ and having the same issues.  Makes me also question compatibility.  Since we cannot downgrade firmware via TAC, I'm going to use the Web User Interface to go back to an earlier version and see if that helps.  Please post anything you find.  Thanks

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