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Gianluca Anversa
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Access denied



I set up a Polycom 8800 like other two devices i have in company that logged succesfull. 


In this devices when i log with skype, like the other 2, the system log me that message:

"Skype for Business authentication failed. Please log in again."


Polycom version: 

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Re: Access denied

Hi@Gianluca Anversa,


did you activate OAuth on your tenant? https://support.polycom.com/content/dam/polycom-support/products/voice/polycom-uc/other-documents/en...


If you need more support, give us more info (logs, backup). Which version ist installed in working Trios?

Jan 17, 2017 Question: How can I troubleshoot simple Skype for Business, Office365 or Teams issues?

Resolution: Have a look => here <=


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Gianluca Anversa
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Re: Access denied

This is the log after the trying to log:

1111141215|cfg |4|00|Prm|Invalid index 0 for array reg.X.address
1111141215|cfg |4|00|Prm|Web configuration: Unknown parameter "reg.0.address" found, ignoring.
1111141215|cfg |4|00|Prm|Invalid index 0 for array reg.X.auth.loginCredentialType
1111141215|cfg |4|00|Prm|Web configuration: Unknown parameter "reg.0.auth.loginCredentialType" found, ignoring.
1111141215|cfg |5|00|RT|cfgRtUpdateLoginCredentials: executing.
1111141215|cfg |5|00|RT|cfgRtUpdateLoginCredentials: mode = Host.
1111141215|cfg |5|00|RT|cfgRtUpdateLoginCredentials: flash LoginCredentials valid
1111141215|so |4|00|[soRegistrationC] Login Credentials valid causing SoRegEventLine Changed
1111141217|cfg |5|00|Prm|Parameter acd.reg requested type 0 (UInt) but is of type 2 (SInt)
1111141217|sip |*|00|Sip Unregistering user:meetingroomcerea@innovandotech.com display name:Meeting Rovereto authorizing user name:'' index value:0
1111141217|sip |4|00|SipRemoveMonitoredUser : CSTA Line Not Found
1111141217|sip |*|00|SipUserRemove: user 0 being removed.
1111141217|usbpp|4|00|[PpsUsbC]: OnEvReg Accepted
1111141217|kiosk|4|00|[PpsKioskC]: OnEvReg Accepted
1111141217|cfg |5|00|Prm|Parameter acd.reg requested type 0 (UInt) but is of type 2 (SInt)
1111141217|sip |*|00|Sip registering user:meetingroomcerea@innovandotech.com display name:Meeting Rovereto authorizing user name:'Using Login Cred' index value:0
1111141217|utilm|4|00|uBLFUnCompressed: File /data/polycom/ffs0/Config/Local/WebTicket/0/sip.usr doesn't exist or is empty
1111141222|sip |*|00|User removed
1111141225|copy |4|00|Configuration of URL failed
1111141225|copy |5|00|At sendStatusToUptimeAnalytics -> Error getting config from url '(null)'
1111141225|cfg |4|00|Prov|Could not download file 64167f4fcafb-web.cfg
1111141225|cfg |4|00|Prov|Uploading phoneWeb.cfg failed
1111141225|cfg |4|00|Prov|Update configuration failed
1111141823|cfg |*|00|Core|Delaying upload of 4 core files"
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Re: Access denied

Hello @Gianluca Anversa ,

Welcome back to the Poly community.

Some or a couple of your old post(s) or reply(s) to them => here <= are still open/pending as you have not marked these as "Accept as a solution" or at least provide some form of feedback or answer.

If they are in this state nobody finding them via a community search will know if an answer or advice provided was useful and has maybe helped you.

Could you therefore kindly go over them and mark or answer as appropriate?

If they are marked as "Accept as a solution" other users can find these easier and it helps them to utilise the community more efficiently. Please do not simply mark them without any type of feedback.


Unless the above is actioned we are unable to try and help you with any new questions raised.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


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