Updated RPAD ACL's

Gary Skinner
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Updated RPAD ACL's

Hi there Team,


I was wondering if you could perhaps help me out here,

I frequently put RPAD's down and configure them without much hassle, great product.

I always try leave the site with the latest set of known SIP spam rules in place (using RPAD ACL rules).

We are always finding new request.user-agents and other items that are trying to get passed the RPAD.
Is there a more frequent list of known problematic items, like in the below link? (This version is March 2017).  Is there an updated list by chance?


Secondly, what would be nice, is if the RPAD came configured to deny these on install, not have to manually add it and then assign.  It takes me longer to configure the ACL then anything else on the box. I enjoy the granularity that you can have with the ACL's, but, when doing the initial setup - it can be a pain in the butt to load up all the default/standard ones.


Here is the link i use from RPAD support page.




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