Unable to Delete units from CMA 5000 Unit

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Unable to Delete units from CMA 5000 Unit

To cut to the gist of the problem I am currently facing, I have added two devices (HDX6000) that were scheduled to be added to the network with simply specifying the details of ; Name, IP address and aliases so that once they were brought online I could simply go into them through the managing option.


An issue has occurred however that they were not joined to the network and now two non existent units are now stuck on the directory. Highlighting and hitting the delete button deletes the units temporarily but they reappear after a seemingly random amount of time and trying to delete all the data about the unit through the CMA 5000 directory displays the error message

"Failed to save information: Failed to Modify the Gatekeeper".


Any help on resolving this issue would be most appreciated.

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