RSS 4000 smoothstreaming

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RSS 4000 smoothstreaming

I have a RSS 4000 (v8.5) that's setup to do some live streaming to an IIS7 box and I'm trying to figure out what the RSS is sending to the publishing point to start/stop the stream. I've looked through the API but it didn't seem to have anything there regarding the RSS 4000's communication with my streaming server.


My issue is really-

IIS7 publishing point:idle > RSS starts the live stream push > IIS7 starts and runs correctly > RSS stops stream and closes properly, etc. > IIS7 running..... > at this point if the RSS starts another livestream the IIS7 box won't stop/restart the publishing point to start a new stream, if I manually stop the publishing point before the RSS starts it works fine but I still have to stop the publishing point each time.


I've included the meta for restarting when encoder connects but it didn't seem to have any effect.





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Re: RSS 4000 smoothstreaming

RSS support IIS,so is it kind belongs to live striming for any conference for user from internet by public website?


Please provide your input to share experience on exact querry.



Yash Pal

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