RPRM intrusion event warning

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RPRM intrusion event warning

A fresh deployed RPRM will warn instantly to intrusion events.
How to disable this warning?

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Re: RPRM intrusion event warning

Hello HRegen,


what RPRM software are you using?


You can't disable this warning, but you can change the alert threshold (Admin > Alert Settings > Resource Manager Alert Threshold Settings).

Take a look at   >>Resource Manager Operations Guide 8.2<<    p.460


try to change values:
1. Average intrusion frequency alert threshold: This setting is per second
2. Intrusion alert threshold window: This setting is in minutes.


 for example if  Average intrusion frequency alert threshold is set to 3, and Intrusion alert threshold window is set to 2, that would mean you would have to get 3 attempts per second over 2 minutes to alert, 3 * 120 = 360 events within 2 minutes. Default is 60 events within 1 minute








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