RPRM and DMA integration

Michaël Goethals
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RPRM and DMA integration



Currently I'm integrating the Polycom RPRM with the Polycom DMA system.

The RPRM is on version with Hardware version REV D.

The DMA integration license is activated on the RPRM.

The DMA is on version 6.1.0_Build_159296.


When I tried to integrate both systems i received the error in attachment.

The user used for the integration is like discribed in the admin guide an Administrator with the gold class of service.


Any idea how we can resolve this issue ?


Thank you in advance,




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Re: RPRM and DMA integration

Hi Michael


Did you create DNS A records for RM and DMA?





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Re: RPRM and DMA integration

Hi Michael


Did you create DNS A records for RM and DMA?





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Re: RPRM and DMA integration

Mike --


You got the please check OpenDS error message. I wish the error was more precise in what was causing the failure. This is a general error condition. There may be something in the jserver.log file you can look at. But since this comes up quite often, I can compiled a list of known issues with this process...


DNS records are a must. In certain cases, reverse DNS records are required as well...


1)       Does either DMA or RPRM have a certificate other than the default self-signed certificate?

  1. If yes – then both need a certificate as the integration is done over SSL. The one with the customer created certificate would not trust the other default self-signed certificate.

2)       Open a command prompt using your PC, can you ping the DMA and RPRM by FQDN?

  1. The DMA/RPRM integration uses DNS names for resolution

3)       Are you initially doing this from the RPRM?

  1. Some folks start it with the DMA for some reason
  2. This is incorrect and was never fixed (old CMA way which you could  not add a DMA)
  3. If I am having issues, I would do both ways (DMA add RPRM) as this gives you more of a descriptive error.

4)       What settings are you using on the RPRM for the DMA?

  1. The first name box is just a descriptive name
  2. The second is name or IP address, but we only support the IP address.

5)       What DMA user name are you using for the integration?

  1. Whatever the account, it must have gold level service
  2. The default DMA admin only has bronze service level

6)       What user account are you logged with on the RPRM?

    1. The default admin for RPRM does not have device admin role.
    2. You need to add this to the admin user in order to see the option to add the DMA.

7)       In some rare cases, the failure is network related

  1. Take a packet trace from both equipment


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