RPRM Dynamic management

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RPRM Dynamic management

Hello dear community.
I have the problem of Resource Manager 8.3. & Group Series endpoints.
When you turn on dynamic management endpoint there is a change e.164 numbers according to to the established pattern in the "E.164 Numbering".
I need to return to number that was to before enable a provisioning service.
In the DMA these read-only fields, in RPRM I can not change the number of any properties of the endpoint or in properties of the owner endpoint
If you disable the dynamic management so as to return old number impossible. Since RPRM writes that the number belongs to another endpoint.
This is actually a question -
1) How to change the number in the E.164 dynamic endpoint
2) How can I clean the database old endpoints affection for them numbers E.164

Thanks in advance.
Best regards Alex

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Re: RPRM Dynamic management

Alex, The recommendation is going to be use an AD attribute to store the E.164 aliases that you want to assign to the devices. Then you configure the e.164 assignment page on the RPRM to use the AD attribute. Then when this logs in again, it will get the correct alias. For all others that don't have any data in the Ad attribute, it will assign an number in the pool as like before. I am not sure if there is a way to tatally the databases, but you should delete the endpoint from DMA and RPRM as these 2 servers share information back and forth. I hope this helps, Simon.
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Re: RPRM Dynamic management

You can set up a reservation for each user/GS pair.   In the User section, for each user going into the H323 Dial String Reservation.  When there, on the top section fill out the type of system (HDX/GS/RPM/RPD) and they specify the "default" E.164 value for that system.  I've tested this and seems to work fine.   You "may" have to delete the user to re-establish the E.164 if one has already been assigned.   (what happened in my case).


Good luck,


Gary M

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Re: RPRM Dynamic management

Thank you, Simon.
When it comes to desktop clients, I do edit E.164 attributes in AD.
Unfortunately my hardware terminals are not members of the AD . They have a local machine accounts, and are attached to the rooms. And of course when I edit the parameters of the codec, I remove it from the DMA.
Indicated problem occurs only on dynamically managed endpoints. At points with a disabled provision E.164 number edited in the properties of the owner point (or properties of the room) without problem
to Gary M
Yes, Gary. it working fine But it does not work when the point was previously dynamic provision. RPRM does not allow me to add the required number. He writes that the number belongs to another endpoint.
Somewhere there must be a cache where RM keeps a list of all previously using numbers attached to the former endpoints.
I think so ..)

BR Alex.

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Re: RPRM Dynamic management

So I decided to reformat the existing database. Perhaps this is the only option.
To that, I have had problems with the migration of data from the CMA, when I installed RealPresence® video DualManager 400.
Thank you all for the help)

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