Polycom 6400LF-ST85

razvan lupu
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Polycom 6400LF-ST85

hello ,



I have one Polycom 6400LF-ST85 and i try integrate to RPRM and not work, can help me somebody to configure the VBP ?

The  Polycom 6400LF-ST85 is compatobil with RPRM ?

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Re: Polycom 6400LF-ST85

hello razvan lupu


According to Release Notes RPRM 8.2 , VBP-ST v11.2.16, v11.2.17 has been tested for compatibility with RPRM 8.2


take a look at VBP Configuration Guide for Access Proxy configuration details.


if you need an advice, please provide more details for us:

  • list of your Polycom network equipment with software versions
  • network topology
  • what exactly you have tried to do and what isn't working



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