Multiple Address Books On Ver. 5.4.0.ER20

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Multiple Address Books On Ver. 5.4.0.ER20

Hello everyone,


It's my first time posting so please forgive me if this is in the work place/this exact question has already been answered.


My client is currently using a setup of 130+ units on a network with the global address book being on a load balanced CMA 5000 Version 5.4.0.ER20.


They now want to have a separate address book for further units they will be introducing in the near future. From what I've found lying around the internet the only way to have multiple address books is to have the directory running on version 6 but my client is rather adamant about not changing versions.


Is there anyway to get a separate directory with this current version or will another load balance have to be set up for a new directory? (If so would I need to provide a new license and could this be done on the current servers I'm using for the current network).


If any of the above isn't clear please say so I may amend.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Multiple Address Books On Ver. 5.4.0.ER20



Your are correct. V6 CMA introduced the concept of MAB. You need this version to gain this funtionality. The only other menthod is to create a local directory on the HDx and export/import this directory to all the other ones.




Beginning with this release, the CMA system now allows users assigned the


Administrator role to create multiple Address Books. This feature

allows businesses to provide different directories to different sets of endpoint

users. But in this case, an address book can contain any combination of users,

rooms, endpoints, groups, and guests from both the CMA system GAB and the

Active Directory to which the CMA system is integrated.



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