I can´t log in on new RSS 4000

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I can´t log in on new RSS 4000


I am implementing a new RSS 4000, but I can into on the default IP Address nad also I can into to the console, someone can help  me, how I can restore to factory default the RSS 4000 without can into.


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Re: I can´t log in on new RSS 4000



You should read pages 117, 121 of Polycom RSS 4000System User Guide


To connect with Telnet:

1 Click the Start button. Type cmd in the search box.

2 Type telnet at the command prompt, followed by the IP address of your

RSS 8.5 system.


If you have completed all the above configurations and launched the terminal

simulation software successfully, press the Enter key. The login interface


The login interface shows all of the software information and you’ll be

prompted to enter the login password. Enter the login password and press the

Enter key.

If you entered a wrong password, you may be required to re-login to the


If you entered the right password, you are brought directly to the command

setting interface.


Resetting Password

Type reset password after the prompt # to restore the administrator user

password for Web login to the default password (admin).

The system will show the prompt message

Are you sure?. Type Y to proceed

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Re: I can´t log in on new RSS 4000

Dear All,


I did the above procedure but no luck and please advice if there are any other options.


Thanks !

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Re: I can´t log in on new RSS 4000

Hi Team


Same issue facing by me as the RSS 4000 powering on but unable to access as don't knwo the IP address for the same.


Could anyone help me on this or any tool to retrive the IP addess to access the RSS.




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