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DMA Configuration

Hi All,

I need to integrate DMA 7000 in my existing infrastructure. We have two clusters located in different geographic location.


Infrastructure Scenario:


Cluster one:

Contains: CMA 5000, RMX 4000, RSS, VBP-ST and VBP-E

The endpoints in this cluster use public IP


Cluster two:

Contains: CMA 4000, RMX, VBP-ST

The endpoints in this cluster use private IP.



Can DMA be operated in Two-server Cluster Configuration; one in private IP and one in public IP?

Can DMA help achieve redundant bridging?

Since I have VBPs for the gatekeeper function, should this DMA be used as Conference Manager Function?

Do I need one DMA or two DMA; one at each cluster?


Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.




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