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DMA 7000



Please help me to know the role of class of service in DMA VMR and how it works.



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Re: DMA 7000

From RealPresence Platform Student Guide:


"When bandwidth is in limited supply, the DMA will give preferential service to video calls higher class of service"


"The DMA uses class of service to determine the priority of video calls. A designation of gold, silver or bronze can be assigned to users, endpoints, MCUs and VMRs. Gold is considered the highest prioritization and bronze the lowest. By default, all users, groups and devices are assigned a bronze classification.
Used in conjunction with the bandwidth limitations ..., class of service is used to prioritize calls when a maximum bandwidth throttlepoint at the subnet, site or site-link level is reached. If a new call has a higher class of service than existing calls going through the throttlepoint, the DMA may drop calls with the lower class of service to make room for the higher priority video calls."


Hope this explain the role of class of service.

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