DMA 7000 registration with VSX 7000A

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DMA 7000 registration with VSX 7000A

Dear all,


We have a legacy equipment VSX 7000A which is faced to the internet to accept point-to-point video calls. It is completely apart from my internal network.


We have recently acquired RMX 1500, RPAD, DMA 7000 and GS 500 units and we registered the codecs in the DMA. For internet facing devices, we created a NAT to the RPAD. We have also created VMRs for our participants.


I want to register VSX7000A to the gatekeeper as well, but even after upgrading the firmware to 9.0, I see there's no option for username and password, which is a requirement to register to my gatekeeper DMA 7000. 


That way, is there any chance to create an exception on DMA for this specific VSX7000A to register to the gatekeeper without credentials? I'm trying to do this because this equipment is not being able to join VMRs, so I found this register as a solution to it.


Your help is much appreciated.






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