DMA 7000 DNS config

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DMA 7000 DNS config

Do I have to make DNS entries during first time start up config? My DMA is not loading the new network config from the USB stick. It still displays "DMA Installed" and not "DMA Ready" I can get to the DMA interface from a pc using the default IP, yet that won't update config either.

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Re: DMA 7000 DNS config

I faced some times the issue to change to default management IP in the 1 server configuration. As I could understand when trying to do this DMA find the conflict between new management IP and old shared management IP (that can't be changed in the the 1 server configuration).



- Change the System server configuration to '2 server'

- Change Management IP and Shared management IP to the value as needed

- Restore System configuration to '1 server'


Unfortunately I don't remember how many times restart it needed - one or two.


Hope this could help.


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