Cloudaxis: Chrome and Firefox on Linux distributions.

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Cloudaxis: Chrome and Firefox on Linux distributions.



I would like to congragulate Polycom on making a fine product with Cloudaxis.


However, being browser-based, and knowing that Cloudaxis is Linux based, I am a bit puzzled at the fact that the CloudAxis plugin is "unsupported" in the Linux versions of both Chrome and Firefox.


Are there missing dependencies or a certain flag that Linux users should be aware of when using Cloudaxis? 


Please let us know!!



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Re: Cloudaxis: Chrome and Firefox on Linux distributions.

Hello RC S-Toronto,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

Most likely the root cause is that the NPAPI plug-in would no longer be supported with the release of Chrome version 45 and I can only assume the same for Firefox.


I am unable to comment on Linux versions but I am aware of the above using Version 45 of the Chrome Browser on a Windows machine.


I can only advise you to work with your Polycom reseller as I believe there is an upgrade path to RealPresence Web Suite but as this is not my speciality topic better contact the reseller.

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Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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Re: Cloudaxis: Chrome and Firefox on Linux distributions.

I will definitely try to talk to my reseller. However, I wouldn't be surprised if that our reseller is unable to answer my questions.


Hence, this is why I was turning to the community. I was hoping someone out there would have found a solution, or have the beginings of one.  


I will also mention that we have upgraded to the latest firmware to our Realpresence suite. Since you are no longer working with NPAPI (which that version of the cloudaxis plugin didn't work with Linux BTW) I was hoping to be able to use a linux desktop since you are using WebRTC as part of the new Cloudaxis.


I guess in the meantime I can only be patient and wait until either Chrome and Firefox developers make it possible with the next update, or your developers make it possible in yours.


Thank you for your time.





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Re: Cloudaxis: Chrome and Firefox on Linux distributions.

What is the version of cloud axis you are using?


you can enable NPAPI in chrome 


Or ...upgrade to 1.7.1 or websuite is the only option.


Its not just Cloud Axis, this issue is there in accessing RPAD, RPRM etc. Latest version of all these products has addressed the issue.


Sreejith K T
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