Calling SIP URI on internet VIA EDGE


Calling SIP URI on internet VIA EDGE

Hello All,

I'm just getting in to learning Polycom and have completed RPIIT202 & would like a freindly pointer in order to set up my lab with outbound sip calls.


In the RPIIT202 course we learned how to do basic deployment & configuration of RPRM, DMA Core/Edge and RPCS.


One thing which is not covered in the course though is the dial plan and being completely new to the Polycom terminology I am at a loss :(


I have now deployed an identical lab as we did in the RPIIT202 course (using the lab guide) in my home lab but I am a bit lost on the workflow needed to enable sip calls out to the internet (example: meet@bjn.vc or john.doe@some-expressway-e.com) and also the correct setup I should use for these type of calls to be routed firstly to the DMA Edge and then out to the internet via the DMA Edge external interface which resides in my DMZ.


Setup is as follows:


RPRM (v10.6.0_30)
DMA CORE (v10.0.0_P3)--> FW <--> DMA EDGE <-->FW <--> INTERNET
RPCS (v8.8.0.475)


So far I have created an external sip peer on DMA Core which points to DMA Edge and a dial rule called "B2B Calls" in default dial plan which resolve to the DMA Edge Sip Peer.

I have also changed ACL on Edge to allow all (just for testing).


Here is a test of the dial plan making a sip call from a registered endpoint to blujeans networks:



#1: Dial registered endpoints by alias: SignalingAlias [aliasType=SIP_URI, alias=sip:meet@bjn.vc] is not registered.SignalingAlias [aliasType=SIP_URI, alias=sip:meet@bjn.vc] is not registered.SignalingAlias [aliasType=H323_H323ID, alias=meet] is not registered.SignalingAlias [aliasType=H323_EMAILID, alias=meet@bjn.vc] is not registered.
#2: Dial by conference room: The conference room [meet] does not exist.
#3: Dial to SIP conference factory: Rule disabled.
#4: Dial by virtual entry queue ID: No entry queue is found.
#5: Dial to on-premises RealConnect\u2122 conference: Rule disabled.
#6: Dial services by prefix: No prefix device is found.
#7: Dial external networks by H.323 URL, Email ID or SIP URI: Domain is controlled by DMA: bjn.vc
#8: Dial endpoints by IP address: The user part [sip:meet@bjn.vc] has no IP address in it.
#9: Dial to RealConnect conference by external Skype system conference ID: Rule disabled.
#10: B2B Calls: The call was accepted by this dial rule.

Transformed dial string is [sip:meet@bjn.vc]. The call was accepted by dial rule #10



The problem is when I call the "sip:meet@bjn.vc" from RPD registered to the DMA Core I get call rejected from DMA Edge :



Start time: 2019-05-27 04:28:41.764 PM
End time: 2019-05-27 04:28:41.818 PM
Duration: 00:00:00
Signaling: SIP
Incoming call interface (IP):
Signaling port: 5060
ACL: Factory Core ACL
Server(s): dma.lear.local:5060
Dial plan: Default Dial Plan
Dial rule: 10. B2B Calls
Dial string: sip:meet@bjn.vc
Final dial string: sip:meet@bjn.vc
Call ID: 721de973-bfe0-4992-8876-70831ef30b61


Start time: 2019-05-27 04:28:41.808 PM
End time: 2019-05-27 04:28:41.811 PM
Duration: 00:00:00
Signaling: SIP
Incoming call interface (IP): 
Signaling port: 
Server(s): dma-e.lear.local:5060
Dial plan: 
Dial rule: 
Dial string: sip:meet@
Final dial string: sip:meet@
Call ID: 721de973-bfe0-4992-8876-70831ef30b61

On DMA EdgeI can see that it seems not able to resolve the sip uri to an address (see attached jpg)


If anybody has a sample configuration of setting up basic outbound calls to internet I would be very gratefull :)


Many Thanks,

Polycom Employee

Re: Calling SIP URI on internet VIA EDGE

Hi Mat,


We don't typically use an External SIP peer for this type of use case. If you look at the RPRM site topology and choose one of your sites, go to H323 and SIP tabs. Here you can add an SBC IP address which is the internal interface for your DMA Edge server. When the DMA Core processes the dial string, it will route the call based what is listed in the site. You must do this for all sites.


Another common element missed all the time is not telling the DMA what domains it is the owner. If not domains are listed, then all domains are local. If this configuration is not updated, the DMA Core will not forward the call to the DMA Edge. Go to Call Server, domains or domain restrictions depending the version and enter the domain for the DMA. 


Then once the above is done. You should see the DMA Core send the call using "dial by external networks" dial rule (#7).


#7: Dial external networks by H.323 URL, Email ID or SIP URI: Domain is controlled by DMA: bjn.vc


Give this a shot and let us know what happens?



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Re: Calling SIP URI on internet VIA EDGE



Many thanks for your feedback


1st thing I did after reading your post is set the domains, and now I can call from RPD to internet via DMA using SIP/H323 but calls are leaving the DMA (RPD -> DMA -> Internet) and going straight to the internet without being sent through DMA-Edge. But the calls seem to work just fine.


2nd I configured DMA-Edge FQDN on RPRM -> Sites -> H323/SIP Routing (default port is 5070 sip & 1720 H323) and  and I make a call to SIP:meet@bjn.vc. I see the call routed from DMA to DMA-Edge but DMA-Edge doesnt reply to DMA because he is listening on 5060.


3rd I set Sites in RPRM to 5060 SBC for SIP and now DMA-E responds to DMA with 403 call forbidden.


Do I also need to set local domain on DMA-Edge ?


Any idea why DMA-E replies with 403 to DMA-Core ?


I will continue my troubleshooting




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Re: Calling SIP URI on internet VIA EDGE

Another thing to note is that when the SIP call fails because DMA-Edge sends 404 the call then attempts using H323 and the call is succefull.


Here is the SIP call:


CORE: Image 1,2

EDGE: Image 3,4,5


Any ideas ?