CMA deleted user GAB

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CMA deleted user GAB

Hello all,I have problems with a CMA in cluster and a esxternal database.

I try to explain what is the isuue.


First I look for the endpoint by IP.

When I see it I delete from the list.

I look again for it by IP.

I don´t see the endpoint by IP.

I´m looking by alias and the same , i don´t see the device.

I try to add a new device in monitor view/endpoints.

It is a SX10 CISCO I use a other device type.

put the old IP and push find:

 this is the answer  :   The device type is not supported for the find operation.  You can continue to add the device manually, or click Cancel to exit the process.

I continue manualy

I put the SIP uri, H323 and E164, all that is new for this IP adress.

In capabilities I uncheck IP(H323 and check IP(SIP).

And when push add. this is the message:

"Failed to Save Information: Failed to Modify the Gatekeeper. This alias is registered to another endpoint."


If I looking for the new dial string, name I don´t find the device

but If put the IP we found the IP with the old configuration.


How can I make a reset of the database connection, can I stop the service?



Thanks in advance.



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