CMA Outlook Plug-In can't connect to CMA Server

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CMA Outlook Plug-In can't connect to CMA Server



My CMA Outlook Plug-In not showing Domains in drop down box and Outlook plugin can't connect to CMA Server.  After entring the user name and pass of a user (Local User created as scheduler on CMA server) and as soon as i click on the dropdown box to select the domain (An empty drop down is presented) it says "finding server" and then after a while it returns with an error it could not find the server please check that the CMA IP address is correct.


My CMA server is not a member of any Domain because we haven't AD in our company.

The domain mentionned in CMA server is 'LOCAL' 


Is it required to have AD inorder to use Outlook  plugin for schudeling conference throw CMA server ? IF no, Is'it a known issue for Polycom.


My system is configured as mentionned bellow :

Outlook plugin version 6.0.0015 ( Plugin tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3 / Microsoft office 2007)

Cma server version 6.2.5.ER10.


I'am waiting for your help.



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Re: CMA Outlook Plug-In can't connect to CMA Server


look at this

CMA version 6 Outlook Plug-in installation on Windows 7 with Outlook 2010

in my win7 with outlook 2007 is work


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Re: CMA Outlook Plug-In can't connect to CMA Server

Does the CMA server have a valid, trusted certificate or is it using the default self-signed certificate? This interaction with the Outlook plugin and the CMA server is now down over SSL which you need valid certs for. If you are still using the default self-signed cert, add it to your local certificate store on 1 PC to see if this helps.



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