CMA Desktop - LDAP issues (port 389)


CMA Desktop - LDAP issues (port 389)

We have a few customers who have successfully installed the patch (we made sure it was for the correct version). These customers, who do use AD integration, are now having issues logging in with local creds using CMAD.


What's odd is BOTH local & AD creds work in the CMA GUI. The issue is with CMAD only. During login there is a message regarding LDAP. We've done a wireshark trace & there isn't any traffic on port 389 (which is LDAP). The customer swears it's not a network issue.


As a test I had them telnet to the <IP> 389. It doesn't get blocked. Doesn't this mean traffic is connecting?


I would think this is a one off, however we are seeing this one a few customers (for both PC & MAC CMAD users).

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Re: CMA Desktop - LDAP issues (port 389)

Make sure the Machine account is still active. Simply go to Admin>Directories>Enterprise Directory.

The top section "Integrate with Enterprise Directory Server"  is working fine as demonstrated by the ability to log into the CMA using Active Directory credentials. It is the bottom part " "Allow delegated authentication to enterprise directory server" that isn't working.


This section is using a machine account in active directory. You will most likely need to have the machine account password reset and then re-submit it on the CMA server.

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Re: CMA Desktop - LDAP issues (port 389)

We also encounter this issue there are time that enterprise directory is down on cma and goes back after few seconds... with this error CMAD local and AD users had difficulty logging-in on to CMA server...


We already refresh the machine account as per POLYCOM to see if this can resolve the issue.. 1 day of monitoring we did not encounter the problem of difficulty of log-in on to the server... but now are concern is the exclusion filter that is working before Re-doing the integration of LDAP and CMA is not working anymore...... any suggestion that can help resolve the issue... thanks in advance..

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