CMA 4000 + VBP 4555 for external calls

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CMA 4000 + VBP 4555 for external calls

We are trying to send/receive external calls from/to our Headquarters with our Polycom VBP4555 (DMZ is configured for inbound ports and we haven't got any filter for outbound ports) + CMA4000 following the attached manual. Nowadays, customers can call us our WAN IP and establish a connection correctly, but sometimes caller hasn't video or audio (usually it's a video problem).


Our tests have been made over a client with a Polycom RealPresence Desktop/Mobile, which has a personal license (not registered into a gatekeeper). Our call is like this: "X.X.X.X##device_internal_extension_after_cma_registration" (HDX4000).


Anyone knows where the problem is?

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Re: CMA 4000 + VBP 4555 for external calls

I think VBP 4555 doesn't support the NAT IP on the WAN port. you should put a direct Public IP so you need to move it from the DMZ

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Re: CMA 4000 + VBP 4555 for external calls



1. Create a another zone in your firewall for VBP E, Lan port of VBP is connected with our firewall (Priviate IP), Wan port will directly conneted with Internet (with Public IP, No NAT).


2. Open the relevent port on Firewall.


3. Create site in CMA4000, Connect the Site with Internet by using  site-link, include the endpoint in this site., and in the site mention the VBP LAN IP in Call signaling IP address tab....


best of luck




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