Sounstructure and RPG 500 integration

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Sounstructure and RPG 500 integration


 we have an integration project which uses SST C8 and RPG 500 units. RPG 500 is connected to two external monitors over HDMI cables.  When using HDX ceiling mics connected directly to RPG 500 everything is working OK. When SST is connected to RPG over CLink cable and HDX micx are connected to SST audio from far site in a videocall is no longer coming thourgh HDMI and monitor speakers.


SST and RPG 500 are latest versions 1.6 and 4.02 respectively


Is this behavior by design? Or any special settings to be done in SST Studio project to force videocall audio coming to HDMI to monitor speakers?

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Re: Sounstructure and RPG 500 integration

"Is this behavior by design?" - Yes.

See http://community.polycom.com/t5/Video-Endpoints/No-sound-from-HDMI-output-of-HDX-6000-when-conected-...

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