Soundstructure and Cisco Codec

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Soundstructure and Cisco Codec

Hi guys,


Having a dumb moment but I cannot work out the cabling to connect a Soundstructure C16 (with 4 HDX ceiling Mics) to a Cisco C40.


The issue I seem to be having a blank with is the Cisco audio output is via HDMI to the amp, not the rca etc), so at the moment I just have a single phoenix to XLR connection from the output 1 on the C16, to the Mic input of the Cisco. I have nothing from the C16 to the amp.


There seems to be very little information from Polycom on the physical connections, lots of info on programming, but if I dont get the cabling right then programming is pointless!


Can somebody save my sanity!?!? 



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Re: Soundstructure and Cisco Codec

Please refer to the specifications toward the end of this document:  SoundStructure Design Guide


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