Soundstructure C16 not Connecting to Network

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Soundstructure C16 not Connecting to Network



I have a Soundstructure C16. It was sitting on the customers network nicely for a while until recently when it no longer establishes link to the network switch. The link lights on the back do not light up. If I plug another device in the same port it will establish link and grab a DHCP address. If I plug a laptop direct to the C16 that establishes link and will work. I brought the C16 back to the office, put it on a 4 port switch it establishes link and can connect to a P-touch. Same if I put both devices on our office network.


The C16 is running 1.7.2 firmware. I have done a factory restore as well onsite to see if that fixed it, but to no avail.


I do not think the problem resides with the C16. I think it has to do with the switch and our port settings at the customers site. Are there any specifications as to what the switch needs to be providing to establish link with the C16?


They also have been messing around with their MAC reservations so I am wondering if they accidentaly made some rule that is blocking the C16.


Any thoughts?




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Re: Soundstructure C16 not Connecting to Network

From a network troubleshooting standpoint, to test the lights issue, I would connect a "Dumb" switch (like a Netgear gs105e or similiar) to the unit and see if the lights come on.  


If they come on, then you know the port is working correctly and you need to continue down the path of talking with the IT folks.


If the DO NOT come on, then I would contact Polycom Support to see about a replacement.


Good luck,


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