SoundStructure upper fader limits for controlled scaling

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SoundStructure upper fader limits for controlled scaling




I have recently found an issue which seems to relate to SoundStructure studio V1.9 but as of yet I have not been able to test with legacy versions V1.8 or 1.7.


The issue is with regard setting a upper scaling limit on any input, output or sub mix fader.


If the upper limit is set to a negative value i.e. -5 either on the matrix page or input page,  then saved as a file and preset, either full or partial, when moving away from the input or matrix pages and back the upper limit moves to the 0dB position and remains.


Recall of the preset will not affect this either.


Is this a software bug that can be rectified? the ability to set lower and upper fader limits is a requirement when scaling volume faders through third party controllers.


I have tested with other config files and had another of my team confirm this by running the same test with new and existing configs on his machine.


Any responses would be welcome.


Many thanks

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