SoundStructure C12 for Audio Conference

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SoundStructure C12 for Audio Conference

Does anybody have experience with using SoundStructure C12 with the analog telephone module for audio conferencing?

I have a C12 with 2 table mics (Audio Technica AT871UG, directional) serving a large conference room with a long table sitting 8 people on each side. On both sides of the room it is mainly glass / window. Output voice is done via ceiling loudspeakers.

The problem is the far end of the call can hardly hear the people in the room, especially when they speak at a distance from the two table mics.  We installed the Polycom ceiling mics array before, but the far end perception was even worse - basically 90% of the time unable to hear what people say in the room.  Therefore we changed to the AudioTechnica table mics. Far end could hear better but the fact that people have to speak close to the mic (like within 50cm).


Can anyone recommend a good table mic which can cover a longer range and wider angle? Given ceiling mic is not an option any more for this room.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: SoundStructure C12 for Audio Conference

This effect is most often attributed to gain-structure.
The SoundStructure prefers input audio set "hotter" than some other DSP products.

Make sure the AGC hovers around 0dB gain or attenuation when someone talks near that metered mic.  One will find that the channel 0dB indicator is on nearly solid and the +3/+6 indicators blink frequently.  This is the ideal input level for SoundStructure and the overall system performance will improve dramatically.

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