SoundStructure Audio Issue

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SoundStructure Audio Issue

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We're experiencing an issue with our newly upgraded digital DE rooms and audio.


After establishing a call, one side of the calls audio will sound all garbled as if they are underwater almost. In most cases a reboot of the Polycom HDX 9006 at the site where the sound is originating from that sounds bad has cleared it up.


However, we'd like to eliminate this from happening at all if possible.


These HDX 9006 units are running version of software (I know

3.0.5 is current) and they are attached to SoundStructure units running

1.0.6 firmware.


One suggestion was to ensure that the speed and duplex settings for network were hard set at 100/Full, but that has not corrected the issue.

Derek Abrams, Principal Sr. Analyst
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Re: SoundStructure Audio Issue

This could be related to many things.

Are both systems HDX codecs and SoundStructure?

Does the problem only happen in one direction?

Is this happening on all of your HDX and SoundStructure systems?

Does it happen when you only call a room with just an HDX codec?

Are you using C-Link to connect the SoundStructure to the HDX codec?


Things to look at, AEC reference set properly, is there enough signal level at the defined reference point.

Is the gain structure in the system balanced, specifically the output level of the SoundStructure is properly matched to the local amplifier.


Another remote posibility involves a bug that was in older software for the codec but may have resurfaced.

See the attached document to test if this is related.  If so this should be escalated with a call to tech support.