Nortel CS1000 integration with CMA

Welsh Pablo
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Nortel CS1000 integration with CMA

All; we have an RMX 2000 and a CMA4000, along with a Nortel CS1000 PBX switch. We have set up a dial string on the PBX so that anyone dialling 850 followed by 4 digits can access an audio only meeting room on our RMX. The issue is that when we dial the 850xxxx from a desk phone it takes up to 45 seconds for the call to be answered.


I understand that the way to prevent this is to set up the PBX as a neighboured gatekeeper on the CMA, and use a H323 trunk, but does anyone has step by step instructions on how to set up the CS1000 end to register with the CMA?


I have checked other post and they indicate that Nortel key codes are needed - and these we have - but its the actual mechanics of setting up the connection on the CS1000 PBX


All help appreciated



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