Line IN Line OUT QDX-6000 Problem. Help pls

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Line IN Line OUT QDX-6000 Problem. Help pls

Hi I am using teleconference polycom QDX-6000

Firmware version : 4.0.2-3152


I pluged my computer in the LINE IN of the QDX-6000 but when I use LINE OUT the sound doesnt pass to speakers.

I can see the sound modulate in the line menu, so the sound is passing in the LINE IN. But no sound is passing throught the LINE OUT, nothing is modulate.


If I use the VCR IN and VCR OUT. Everything is working, the sound is passing without any problem. But I need to associate an output like camera 1 or camera 2 or PC etc. I dont want that. I want that the sound can pass in any situation.


Is that something that I missed, or is it a bug with the version of the firmware?


Something more I tried to using Line in Line out on 3 polycom QDX-6000 and have the same problem on every one.


Give me some help pls


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Re: Line IN Line OUT QDX-6000 Problem. Help pls

Hi there...

this is expected behaviour. If you are in a conference, the far side would here the sound coming from your notebook.

You won´t get it back through the Line Out.

It´s handled the same way as the input from your mic pods.


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Re: Line IN Line OUT QDX-6000 Problem. Help pls

Try associating the input source you sue for content using the Auxiliary Audio Input Association command to that input.  I think it will provide you the same capability on that input that you have on the VCR/DVD audio input.

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