C16 locking up

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C16 locking up

There are 2 C16s connected via OBAM and controlled by a crestron via RS232 and every so often it loses comms with the C16s. Audio still passes but will not except any commands and the only way to get them back online is to power cycle the units after a power cycle all event logs are gone. When they go into this locked state they also drop of the network. Anybody got any tips or tricks that might resolve this issue. Its quite a complicated system as there are 6 HDX mics, HDX codec telco cards and the system operates across 3 rooms that can be linked in different modes. Am asking to much of the soundstructre?

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Re: C16 locking up

Hello Saval,


Does there seem to be any regular time frame that this occurs? Also, what version of firmware is currently running on the SoundStructures?


If there is a lot of feedback from the control device you could be running into memory overflow issues, do you currently have flow control turned on? If so I would recommend turning that off along with an upgrade to 1.5 firmware on the C16s (if that's not the currently running version. After upgrading to 1.5 ensure you use the latest SoundStructure Studio as well (version 1.7).






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