C12 Soundstructure and SX80 Relays?

Andy Worn
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C12 Soundstructure and SX80 Relays?

Hi All


Hope someone can help / advise?


We are currently on a job setting up a meeting room that has a divide wall to make it 2 rooms. We have 1 Polycom Ceiling mic in one room and 2 in the other. This will be open and closed via a touch panel to send 232 commands to "logic ports" on the rear of the soundstructure if i understand correctly.


My question is mainly re connection.


SO when in open mode for the room all mics i want to be active and when in closed mode i only want the 2 mics to be active.


On the Soundstructure programme i have grouped the microphones and selected the presets so "power on" will have the one mic room muted and another preset "Open" unmutes it. 


How do i go about making this happen? Am i correct in asuming i need to use the Logic ports on the rear of the soundstructure?


This is all then going out to a Cisco SX80 codec and back in also.


Thanks very much everyone





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