Packet Loss with Polycom Groupseries 500

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Packet Loss with Polycom Groupseries 500

Odd issue here. We have a Polycom Groupseries 500 and are dialing to Zoom's CRC connection. 

Whenever the meeting starts, all video from participants slows down and freezes on the codec. The Video RX Stream under call statistics will show upwards of 60% packet loss (see attached screenshot)


Now heres the weird thing.... when someone shares their screen and it swaps over to the Content RX Stream, and then stops sharing, all of the packet loss goes away for the rest of the meeting. 


We do have Sonicwall Firewalls in front of these, and I have gone to lengths of opening the entire thing up for this Polycom and that has not helped. I also did some packet capturing and can confirm the firewall is not dropping the packets. 


Our codecs are a bit old, running firmware version Release - 6.0.0-280932. We are unsure whether to spend the large amount of money to get these updated from Polycom, as we don't know if that will resolve the issue. 


Has any one experienced this before or have any input?



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Re: Packet Loss with Polycom Groupseries 500

Hello @HunterW ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.


I would start by checking the required Software version a GroupSeries should be when using with Zoom.

Another one would be upgrading to at least a supported version within the entitlement. For example 6.0.1 or check if you can go at least to 6.1.x


Also, does this only happen with Zoom? Try to download RealPresenceDesktop and make a call to the Group Series and share some content.


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier



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Re: Packet Loss with Polycom Groupseries 500

Hey Steffen! 

Thanks for the quick reply! Thats a good idea. I will try the RealPresenceDesktop and get back to you




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