Kirk Z System 1500

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Kirk Z System 1500

I've been using a Kirk DECT Z System 1500 that has failed but have the opportunity to replace it with a Blick 1500 DECT System. The question I need answering, are these units interchangeable?  


My system uses: HW PCS CCFP 6J  but the Blick is running:  HW PCS CCFP 6G


The Blick unit is manufactured by Kirk and seems identical apart from the CCFP suffix


Any assistance with this would be much appreciated.





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Re: Kirk Z System 1500

Yes this should not cause you any significant issues. 


You can also use all the base stations with the new KWS8000 or KWS2500 system.  Big benefits are CLI, redundant PSUs and hot swap Cards.

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