Can the CS540 pair with a generic DECT desk phone?

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Can the CS540 pair with a generic DECT desk phone?

Hello,  I have a single Plantronics CS540 (judging from its appearance) that was given to me.  I have an ordinary domestic Panasonic desk phone with DECT capability.  Is it possible to pair the CS540 with the desk phone?  And if so, how?  The CS540 manual is no help, it only seems to be about specialised call centre phones.




Bob from Buckinghamshire

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Re: Can the CS540 pair with a generic DECT desk phone?

Hello @BobFromBucks,


Welcome to Poly Community.


To ensure that a given headset is compatible with your desk phone we have designed online compatibility matrix on our Poly Site which is a self-help tool. Please visit this page and select the appropriate manufacturer of your phone in the 1st box and then select the exact model of this phone in 2nd box and then click 'search' to see if CS540 is listed as compatible or not. In case you do not see your desk phone model in the 2nd box then it means Poly Engineering have never tested this specific phone model with our products and we cannot guarantee compatibility between our headset/speaker and your desk phone model in use. So you can do the following:


- do not buy the headset and as a workaround check the phone manufacturer website if they have done any testing with our headsets to confirm the compatibility.

- if you have already purchased the headset without confirming the compatibility then try to test it out by yourself and refer to headset and phone user guides to see basic setup instructions and test. It is important to know that some headsets may not work at all and some may partially work (like receive audio may work but no transmit is there and vice versa) but if you face any sort of acoustic issues then it will be down to compatibility and there is no fix to that. So try to see if it works, if not then try to return it to place of purchase and look for other alternates.

-If headset is not listed in our compatibility but you are able to test and use it without any issues then you can share your feedback to list the phone model in our compatibility by contacting our technical support team and they can add your feedback to our ticketing system and may be later it might be accepted as confirmed solution in our database.


Unfortunately due to every day emergence of new phone models and accessories it is not possible to keep the database up to date at the same pace (we update it regularly but it may still not include all phone models at a given point in time) but if you figure out the solution works then you can submit your feedback to our ticketing system.


Please remember, if you see a post that helped you, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accept as Solution".
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Re: Can the CS540 pair with a generic DECT desk phone?

The CS540 microphone will only pair to other Poly CS bases and is unable to pair with a DECT phone. Most cordless phones use DECT as their way to connect to the phone base, but in the vast majority of cases, this is only available to compatible handsets, and not other DECT headsets.


If the phone you have has a handset with a curly cord, then you can connect the headset through the handset port of the phone. Just unplug the handset cord from the phone base, replace it with the headset phone cord, then plug the handset into that little black box on the headset cord.


I swear, it sounds much more complicated than it is. If your phone is completely cordless, you may need to find a corded phone or get a corded headset with a 2.5mm jack that will plug into the handset itself.

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