CS540 HEADSET WITH APU-76 CABLE - Randomly disconnecting

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CS540 HEADSET WITH APU-76 CABLE - Randomly disconnecting

I have cs540 headset, connected to a PC using an APU76 cable.
We are primarily using the headset to connect to a Wildix PBX softphone, but the user also uses the headset to listen to background music on Spotify.
We also installed the Plantronics hub software onto the Windows PC (HubBUILD 36336 - vers 3.24.2)

The headset worked keeps disconnecting - You will be listening to music or taking a call and after 3 seconds the headset disconnects. We can try listening again by pressing the headset call button, but it disconnects again after 3 seconds.
If I unplug and reconnect the APU cable to the back of the headset base, this fixes the issue temporarily, but after a short while the issue reappears.
I am going on site to try a new APU cable and if that doesn't work, I will switch out the headset, but would like some direction on what the issue maybe and how to fix it permanently.


Rick Davey



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