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There are so much content on the web nowadays, you must have come across some really good ones.  It could be a funny joke, a piece of useful business advice, an amazing video, you name it.  What do you do when you come across such content?  You read it / watch it / listen to it.  And then?


In the social world, things can get "viral" really fast.  With a simple click, you can express your like or dislike. You can email the content to someone else.  You can share the content on your Facebook profile.... etc.


On the Polycom Community site, there is one easy way for you to give positive feedback to someone's post. That is the "Kudos" feature.  When we first launched the community site a few weeks ago, the Kudos feature is a "star".  Our platform provider Lithium then recently updated the design, so now the Kudos feature is a "thumbs up", which in my opinion, is more intuitive. 



If you see a post that you like on the Polycom Community.  Please let the author know!  


You can reply to the post or just simply click on the "Thumbs Up" icon.  Once you click on it, the Kudos number will increase by 1.  You can also click on the word "Kudos" to see who actually gave the kudos.  


Note: You need to login to the community site to give the kudos and you cannot give your own post kudos.

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And we still like you :)

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Haha, thank you very much Barry! 

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Great work Lily!

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Thank you MrO_Polycom! :)

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