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plan.jpgWe have been in Beta mode for three weeks now.  So far, the Polycom Community site is doing well with lots of support from users inside and outside of Polycom. While our users are "test driving" the site, we are busy working behind the scene with various business groups to plan for their dedicated forum launches.  


Here's what coming up on the Polycom Community site...


We are looking forward to offering a Support Community as well as a Partner Community.  Very soon, our users will be able to post products/services questions on the various Support forums and get answers from Polycom team members or other community users.  The Partner Community will gradually grow to include many aspects of the partner world. The first group coming live on the site will be the Developers' forum where technology and solutions developers can interact with each other to share technical knowledge and innovative solutions.   These are very exciting news!  So stay tuned... As soon as the forums are ready, we will let you know.  In the meantime, please continue to test drive the site and give us feedback.  Happy Posting!

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