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group1.jpgOn May 19, 2011, we are launching the beta version of the Polycom Community site.  Our goal of having a community site is to provide a virtual gathering place for Polycom customers, partners and employees to interact with each other, exchange ideas and share information.


In the coming month or so, we will add to the site various blogs and forums from Polycom business groups such as “Support” and “Industry Solutions”.  Do you have a question about our latest EagleEye Director product?  Do you want to socialize with your peers to find out the latest videoconferencing trends and technologies?  Do you want to deep dive into a particular vertical solution and find out what events are coming up that pertain to you?  Very soon, you will be able to do those and more on our Polycom Community site. 


This Community site is owned by the Polycom web team but the “engine” is powered by our 3rd party platform provider, Lithium.  What you are seeing on this beta site are mostly functionalities from Lithium.  Our initial Phase 1 launch will be in English only (but everyone around the world can see and post on the site).  In later phases, we might consider other languages and social media integration.  In order for us to get there, we need YOUR HELP to keep the community site active.


For now, please feel free to submit your feedback or suggestions of what you’d like to see on the Polycom Community so that we can make this virtual gathering place fun and useful for you.  We can't wait to hear from you!


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Polycom Employee

Great work polylily.  Looking forward to lots of exciting content.

Polycom Employee

Very impressive so far, keep up the good work!

Polycom Employee

It rocks! Great job so far! M


Beautifully done! Thanks Polylily. I'm looking forward to integrate community platform with support.polycom - planned to go live towards the end of Q2.


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