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polycom_support_community.jpgLast week I gave a heads-up that we are going to have some new things coming to the Polycom Community site.  Well, here they are.... We are very happy to announce the launch of the Polycom Support Community and Partner (Developers) Community


If you visit the community site now, you will see that we have deployed a developer forum, as well as many support forums.  If you have any support questions regarding Polycom products or if you are a technology & solution developer seeking tech info exchanges, the community site is a great, interactive, online meeting place for you to connect directly with Polycom team members as well as with each other.  In addition, if you are a product/technology expert and would like to share your knowledge or ideas, the community is also a great place for you to showcase your expertise. 


This is just the beginning.  In the future, we will continue to bring on more partner-related community, vertical solutions community, etc.  So stay tuned for more news later... Happy Posting!

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We installed Polycom 8030 wireless phones on a NEC IP phone system. We are experiencing the following error;


When you telephone an extension you are unable to hear the person who answers the phone but they can hear the person who made the call.


Can anybody suggest a reason for this?







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Hello Siobhan, 


Thank you for your post.  For product support related questions, please kindly post in the Support Community.  Hopefully one of our support experts or community users can help answer your question.


Thank you again for visiting the Polycom Community site!



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I am trying to log onto a Soundstructure.  When I open soundstructure studio and go to connect tab, it opens the window but nothing works when I click on anything.  Everything just freezes and I have to do control alt delete to get out.  I am running 1.8.0 version of the software.  I can ping the soundstructure so I know I am seeing it.  Any recommendation.

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Hello jones-codecuser,


Thank you for your post. For Soundstructure support questions, please post it in the Support Community.  We have the "Integrated Audio" forum dedicated for Soundstructure products (look under the Audio / Video section).  Hopefully one of our support team members or other forum users will be able to provide you with an answer.  


Thank you!



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