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Hello Community Users, you might have noticed a changed on the homepage in the "Blog" area today. That's right! We are re-organizing our blog structure on the site.


Today, we have added our corporate blog "The View". You will see a "Hello World" welcome article from our Social leader, Ryan Batty.  Also, you will see a brand new blog from our Polycom co-founder, Jeff Rodman, talking about how Video makes TED more global than ever. In the days, weeks, months to come, this blog will continue to grow with valuable information about thought leadership, technology, etc. 


With the launch of the corporate blog, we are also rebranding two of our existing blogs. THE View blog which was originally a thought leadership blog from our Asia team, is now called "The View from APAC".  This blog is gaining a lot of attention and momentum.  Lots of great information and insights from our leaders in Asia Pacific. 


Lastly, the "Channel Insights" blog targeting our channel partners is now renamed to "The Partner View" blog.  Our key contributors are La Toya Hodge, Polycom Channel Marketing Communication Manager, and Mike Conlon, Polycom VP of Worldwide Channels. 


Please visit these blogs often, or better yet, subscribe to them. To subscribe to a blog, just clilck on "Blog Options" and select "Subscribe".



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ok, so @polylily and @ryan_  what happened to the existing PolycomTechie blog?  I don't see it on the home page, but It appears to be still searchable.  


What's the expected user behavior/messaging about moving to the new "The View" blog for this or other "archived" content? 






Polycom Employee

Hi Peter, thanks for your note and apologies for any confusion. We sent an email to you and the techie team about this yesterday on 3/31. Please confirm receipt. Thank you!

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