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qa.pngHappy 2013, everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  The Polycom Community site is getting busy again with new posts and new users!  Welcome, new users!  And welcome back, existing users!  An  important reminder...


On our forums (especially in the Support Community area), we have many dedicated community users helping to answer many questions. These folks are all volunteering their own time to help other people. All of us at Polycom are obviously very appreciative of these kind folks.  


Just a quick reminder to all the users....  If you posted a question and have received an answer from other users, please kindly acknowledge them.  Someone who is trying to help you is asking you to clarify something so that they can give you a more accurate answer, please kindly reply back in a timely manner.  If someone gives you a good answer to your question, it would be awesome if you could let the person know they are successful in helping you.  


A simple thank you in your reply post, or a kudo voting, or better yet, marking the person's answer as a "solution" are all good ways to give positive feedback to the person who helped you. People on the site are volunteering their time to help each other.  If they know that their answers are helpful to you, it surely will encourage them to want to help even more.  So please return a favor by letting them know you appreciate them. :)


Thank you and happy posting!

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