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go.pngMajority of the posts on Polycom Community are generated from the Support Community.  Many of our contributors and readers spend time in this community to provide answers to someone's posts or to look for answers for their own questions.  


To the right hand side of the Support Community, we have displayed different modules, such as, Top Kudoed Posts, Top Tags, Top Authors.  In addition, we have also displayed a module called New Solutions.  A solution post is determined and marked by the original person who asked the question.  That person feels that one of the answer posts has indeed answered his/her question and therefore, designated that answer post to be a "solution" post (indicated by a green checkmark).  Usually that kind of "solution" posts are of good quality.  In the "New Solutions" modules, you will see the latest "solution" posts that might also help answer YOUR question quickly.  So, go ahead and check out that module (see image below)!



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Hello emints, 


Thanks for your comment! Since your question is product-related, I would recommend that you post it in our Support Community section of this site.  We have a "Video Endpoints" forum that might fit your need.  Please consider posting your question in this forum: http://community.polycom.com/t5/Video-Endpoints/bd-p/VideoEndpoints


Many thanks!


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