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Subscribe to your own post: When you posted a question, you probably want to be notified when someone replies to your post.  You can click on the checkbox for “Email me when someone replies” when you create your post.


Or, instead of having to do this every time, you can go to “My Settings”, click on the checkbox for “Automatically subscribe to topics I participate in”.  That way, you are subscribed to all the posts you make all the time..


Subscribe to other people’s posts:  If you like someone else’s posts and would like to be notified when it is updated, you can subscribe using the “Subscribe” feature in the Blog or Board or Topics Options.


Search:  The Lithium search functionality allows us to search for community content as well as community users.  Before you make a post, search first to see if a similar post already exists.  The search box is available at the upper right hand corner of the site.  The search area is default to “Community”, “Category”, “Board” or “Blog” depending where you are on the site, but you can also select “Users’ from the drop-down menu.  Input a search keyword, in this case “event”, the result page will display a list of posts (blogs or discussion threads) that contain the keyword.  If you search on a user’s screen name, in this case “polylily”, you will see the user listed and you can click on the “Find all posts by this user” link to see all the posts this user has made.


Please refer to attached images for illustration.


See you online!  Happy posting!




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