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group2.jpgWith just one mouse click and we are connected (like here!).  Isn't the web awesome?  Just like many of you, I have social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Yammer, etc.  I even have a personal food blog!  I am always online either on a computer or on my iPhone (hum… don’t tell my boss)   And, I am also seriously thinking about getting a tablet.  People sometimes call me a online social butterfly. 


But I didn’t start out that way. I remember couple of years ago when I first learned about communities and blogs, I was merely a “lurker”.  Meaning, I would go READ community posts and blog posts but I would never post anything on there for fear that I might embarrass myself in the cyberspace.  


But then, I learned to take one step at a time and started contributing online in a small way.... I started out giving kudos/thumbs up whenever I saw good posts or good videos.  Then my small kudos led to small replies such as "good info, thx for sharing".  Then small replies led to a question post asking people for advice on something.  After seeing how other people helped me with their answers, I decided to reach out and help other people with my answers and suggestions.  Before I know it, I was making friends online and learning all kinds of things from my virtual BFFs every day.


If you are already active in the social world, then please keep on posting on our Polycom Community site so that other people can learn from you and connect with you.  Tell us what tips you have to help others start getting active like you.


If you are like me several years ago and are still timid about using a community site, well, don't be. Just make small steps like me, and very soon, you will see this whole new world. Just know that we are here to support each other.  So, just come and have fun!


BTW, did you know that Polycom is also active in the social network?  

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Besides being horribly addictive, you also want your tools to work as seamlessly as possible. One of things I find frustrating about yammer is the need to have to log in if you want to follow a thread thats sent in the wekly digest.


I'm surprised we're not using SFDC's "Chatter" as our internal social networkign site. It's a lot more intuitive than Yammer and could actually help with better SFDC adoption.



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Hi MarketingFM, thx for your post!


Let me give other users who are reading this reply some context about the question first....  


Yammer is a tool Polycom uses for internal employee communication.  This Polycom Community site, however, is a public site.  The Community platform is Lithium; which is different from the Yammer platform. 


The question about what tool to use for internal social networking is mostly for employee discussions.  I have not used the chatter functionality before but I think it is definitely worth a visit if it s more intuitive than Yammer.  MarketingFM, would you like to make a suggestion on the Yammer site so that the Yammer site owners can respond to it?


In the meantime, if you have any community feedback/suggestion, please kindly do let us know in the community feedback/suggeston forum!  Thx much!

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