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typing.pngHello Community Users, we are pleased to announced two brand new blogs on Polycom Community.


The Polycom Techie Blog is a great addition to our Twitter handle  @PolycomTechieThis blog is intended for members of the community with a direct interest in Polycom technology. The blog content will highlight new products, technologies, architectures and solutions. It will provide useful tricks, tools, and techniques; as well as mentions about upcoming events, such as, webinars, demonstrations and training. The goal is to showcase interesting ways that our customers are utilizing our technology. We have a list of Polycom tech experts lined up to share their insights. So come and check out the Techie Blog, including our latest guest blog post from A.E. Natarajan, Executive VP of Worldwide Engineering!


The Polycom THE View Blog is managed by our Polycom industry leaders and technical experts based in Asia Pacific, who are eager to share with you their thought leadership on how video collaboration is transforming the way individuals and organizations are working.  It is an excellent addition to their Twitter handle Polycom Asia Pacific @PolycomAlert. We have extremely knowledgeable business leaders lined up to share their insights with you.  So come and check out our THE View blog!


NOTE: You can subscribe to both blogs. 

1) Login to Polycom Community.

2) Go to the blog's landing page: Techie Blog and THE View Blog.

3) Under "Blog Options", click on "Subscribe", see image below.

4) You can also visit each individual blog article and subscribe to the specific article, under "Article Options".



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